Message to KOC customers

Dear Business Partners,
As per the Public Tender Law, all the Business Partners (Contractors, Consultants, EPC Contractors, Service Providers and Suppliers), who are approved & registered in KOC and wish to participate in any future Tender as well as currently issued Tenders by Central Agency for Public Tenders (CAPT), Kuwait, must be registered with Kuwait’s Central Agency for Public Tenders (CAPT).

The Business Partners, not yet registered with CAPT, may Apply for Registration on CAPT website by following the string>Home>Company Services>Contractor’s Company Registration.

This is a mandatory requirement. All the Business Partners will be required to submit the CAPT registration certificate with the Bid for all future and currently issued Tenders.

Kuwait Oil Company has become aware of various email scams circulating on the internet in which fraudsters, using KOC or other Kuwait oil sector companies' official logos, falsely intimate that the recipient of the email has been appointed a position at KOC, or to express their interest to participate in KOC vendor’s registration. The fraudsters typically ask the recipient to submit "fees", sometimes large sums of money or to transfer money as various fees. Sometimes the scammers will send a fake cheque to reimburse the "fees". The victim may send money before discovering that the "reimbursement" check is fraudulent. There is also the possibility that this scam may be used to "Phishing" for the victim's personal identifying information in an effort to commit further fraud.

Please be aware that KOC does not use the domains “ /”,etc. and all official emails are sent from or through KOC official Fax numbers. Moreover, KOC never request vendors to pay to register with KOC or to show interest of participation.

KOC recommends that you verify the authenticity of any email by checking the domain (, and to check through KOC official channels by contacting INFOSEC before engaging with anyone claiming to be a KOC representative.

KOC has posted this warning as a public service. Kuwait Oil Company, its employees and agents will not be liable for any losses incurred as the result of these unauthorized activities.